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These terms and conditions apply only to dealers who have distinguished themselves with business license and as such we serve at discount prices.

The delivery of goods to traders is done by us solely on the basis of these Terms and Conditions. Conditions of purchase, which differ from ours, are not binding on us.

 2. Offer And Contract Conclusion

Orders will only become legally binding once we have received a written order or other order forms we have confirmed in writing. You have to order in writing to the dealer as possible by E-mail or Fax. Only after the order is a written order for us to be accepted. All offers are subject to the GENATA Motor GmbH in terms of quantity, price, delivery time and availability.

Any information, whether oral or in writing relating to the product delivered according this Agreement including without limitation information contained in brochures, catalogues or other written material shall not be part of this Agreement unless expressly referred to in this Agreement.

3. Prices

Orders are executed at the prices prevailing at the date of order.

Unless stated in the order confirmation states otherwise, are subject to our

Prices from Sahnghai including the packaging. Import tax, duties, fees, charges, etc. to be paid by buyers abroad themselves.

GENATA Motor GmbH has the right to correct erroneously given the wrong prices. Leads to a correction of a price increase, it is the buyer to rescind the contract. All prices are net prices in euro, this includes shipping.

4. Payment Terms

Unless the order confirmation states otherwise, the purchase price for supplies or other services are payable in advance.

Payment shall be considered made when the company may have GENATA Motor GmbH of the amount. In the case of payments by check, the payment is made when the check is cashed.

The deduction of a discount requires a separate written agreement.

5. Shipping

Act on behalf of GENATA Motor GmbH sent vehicles insured during transport.

Deliveries to countries outside the EU may incur additional customs fees, which we have no control. Such customs duties borne by the buyer.

6. Note to §12 Battery Regulation

Included in the delivery with GENATA vehicles are batteries, for example, used for the operation. Arising in connection with the sale of batteries or with the supply of vehicles, the batteries, we point out that the following. Batteries must not be disposed of with household waste. As a consumer you are legally obliged to return used batteries. You can use batteries, for example by return to municipal collection points or in the free trade.

Batteries containing pollutants are marked with the symbol of a crossed dustbin marked containers. Cd stands for cadmium, lead and Pb for Hg for mercury

7. Terms Of Delivery

Delivery periods shall commence on the written contract.

If subsequent amendments to the contract, is necessary, while a delivery date or delivery date again to agree in writing. The buyer can be 4 weeks after a delivery or a delivery date in writing request the seller to deliver within a reasonable period of time by stating that he will refuse to accept the item purchased after the deadline.

As cases of force majeure are considered all such events that are unforeseeable by the parties at the time of conclusion of the contract and are unavoidable even with due observance of the necessary care, such as acts of God, war and labour disputes. This shall also apply if such events occur with sub-contractors. During the period of force majeure the contractual obligations and rights shall be suspended. The party concerned shall inform the other party without delay on the beginning and the cause of the delay and later on the cessation thereof. If force majeure lasts for more than 3 months, both parties will make a decision with respect to the further execution of the contract  the other Party shall be entitled to rescind the Contract in writing.

8. Delivery Outside Germany

For the technical construction of the goods, the legal and technical regulations valid for Germany apply. Therefore the Company cannot guarantee that the goods correspond with the legal and technical regulations of the import country. The recipient commits himself only to sell the goods after translating the user manual into the country’s language and after checking and changing the content in correspondence with the country’s laws. Furthermore, the goods can only be sold if they correspond with the legal and technical regulations of the respective country. The recipient has to make sure that the goods will be modified to the legal and technical regulations of the import country before selling them and pay any expenses himself. The disposal of the products must comply with the regulation in the respective country

9. Liability For Defects & Warranty

The Dealer shall examine the delivered products immediately after receipt in every respect for any non-conformity with the Contract. The Dealer shall give notice to the Seller by fax of any non-conformity with the Contract within 14 days after receipt of the products specifying in detail the non-conformity.

To preserve the rights of dealers, the timely dispatch of the request.

Damage caused by improper handling or improper handling by the buyer during the handling or storage, no claim against the company GENATA Motor GmbH.

Entrepreneurs acquire the ATV’s and quads for rentals or leasing additionally applies.

Signs of wear, resulting in improper use of the vehicles by their customers, represent no defect in the sense of warranty law. Excluded from the warranty for defects and wearing parts are chrome parts and accessories that were installed later and not an essential part of the vehicle. If, however, there is a lack clearly, we will perform at our discretion, a replacement or discount.

Should clearly be some deficiency, we will perform at our discretion, a replacement or discount.

10. Spares

The company GENATA Motor GmbH is for a period of two years from date of invoice a product replacement parts for the same at the respective current prices of spare parts supplying.

11.Reservation Of Ownership

All deliveries are executed under enlarged reservation of ownership. The delivered goods remain in the ownership of the Company until all claims are paid by the purchaser. Any acquisition of ownership of the goods with reserved ownership by the purchaser – also in case of processing the good to a new product – is excluded. The purchaser assigns any claim of selling the goods with reserved ownership – also in case of processing the goods to a new product – to the Company. On demand, the customer of the Company has to name the debtors of the assigned claims and to inform the debtors about the assignment. Any pledging or trust receipt of the goods with reserved ownership is forbidden and can be prosecuted.

12. Applicable Law

These terms and conditions as well as the relationships between the company GENATA Motor GmbH and the customer, the law of the Federal Republic of Germany. Other national laws and international sales law are excluded

13. Privacy Statement

Genata Motor GmbH, Frankenallee 183, 60326 Frankfurt, Germany recognizes that privacy is important. We are always acting according to the provisions of the respective data protection laws. Personal data on this website are only collected within the technically required extent. Under no circumstances will the collected data be sold or due to other reasons be forwarded to a third party.

14. Law And Jurisdiction

Regardless of where concluded or executed, these general conditions shall be interpreted in all respects in accordance with the Laws of Germany and both parties agree to submit only to the jurisdiction of the courts of Germany.

15. Partial Nullity

Should any stipulation of these general conditions or any other agreement be deemed to be void, the effectiveness of all other stipulations is not affected. Any null stipulation will be replaced by the stipulation next to the sense of the void stipulation. Any changes of these general conditions need to be in writing.

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